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Headlight Experts AL/Bosch D13A3 OEM New Replacement Ballast

Direct Replacement OEM Ballast with Lifetime Warranty
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Headlight Experts offers a full line of OEM Replacement ballasts that replace your ballasts with a brand new replacement ballast for a fraction of the cost that your dealer charges. These are for vehicles that come standard with a factory HID Xenon lighting system. Compare our price to replacement ballasts from your dealer that are $400-$500 each. Add to this a free Lifetime Warranty on our ballasts, and let this be the last ballast you will ever need to purchase for your vehicle.

Our ballasts are direct replacements that simply replace your factory ballast in minutes. These are top quality OEM ballasts. You also may add factory bulbs with your order which also carry a lifetime warranty, and again, are a fraction of the cost your dealer charges.

Please note. These are sold individually. Typically if one ballast goes out, your other one is probably on the way out too, and we do recommend replacing both ballasts and both bulbs in these cases.

If you want the latest technology, best quality replacements that money can buy, look no further. Buy From The Experts!

Included in each and every kit:

(1) OEM High Quality Direct Replacement Ballast

Premium Grade Plug and Play ballast includes everything needed to easily swap out your defective ballast.

Lifetime Warranty on your full set of lights purchased through us.

FREE fully insured shipping to the United States and Canada is available on all our kits.

Replacement Bulbs

OEM Replacement bulbs are available to be added on to your order for a deep discounted price so you can be sure your full HID system is new, and in tip-top condition.


- Direct Replacement Ballast
- Canbus Circuitry for a True Factory Replacement
- Voltage: DC6V-24V
- Lifespan: 60,000 hours
- Direct replacement with your factory connector (OEM Replacement)
- Lifetime warranty
- Sold individually
- OEM Number - 63117237647

What Clients Say

I installed these LEDs in a 2008 Chevy Silverado. Could not believe the difference between them and factory halogen bulbs. They are very bright and have a perfect beam pattern. I install them in the 3 to 9 position as recommended and the cut off is perfect. Hope they last as long as as they state. Had to pull off my front grill and pull the headlight housing out a little bit to be able to get them in there due to a tight area to get to. After seeing the results, it was worth it.
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I installed Headlight Experts LED conversion bulbs into the original headlights on my 2001 F-350. If you're looking for performance, but don't care to waste money on after market headlights that attempt to make your truck look like a transformer, or some kind of euro sport nonsense, then these bulbs are exactly what you're looking for. My old halogen bulbs were boarding on dangerous, and produced dim yellow light. The new LED bulbs produce clean white light that is significantly brighter. No modifications were required for installation. I am very pleased with this product.
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Eric Fry
Thanks for your help! Just installed them yesterday and it was so easy. They work great!! Very happy! I contacted another dealer prior to reaching out to Headlight Experts and I still haven't received a response. The Headlight Experts responded the same day and made me feel easy about my prospective purchase. Turns out, I made the right decision to go with them. It was much easier than I had ever expected! Thank you again and I will recommend you!
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Joseph Bradley
One of the nicest things I could have done for my car's lighting setup was to switch to these H11 LED bulbs. I could see the difference as soon as I switched from the usual halogen lamps. The 6000K cool white light makes everything in my path apparent and greatly improves my nighttime driving safety by illuminating the road with a clarity I had not previously encountered. I feel confident enough to drive in the darkest situations because of the super brightness of the lights, which makes sure that every corner and obstacle is well-lit. The bulbs' tiny size made it easy to put them into my H8/H9/H16 fog light housing; no adjustments were required.
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Great service! Previous owner of my truck had done an upgrade with HE. I needed a replacement bulb and Chris got me just what I needed.
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I purchased the H11 LED Bulbs and have been impressed with their performance. The brightness and color temperature are a significant upgrade from my stock halogen bulbs, providing clearer visibility on the road. The easy installation and compatibility with my vehicle were also notable advantages. Overall, the H11 LED Bulbs have enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality of my headlights, making them a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to improve their driving experience at night.
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Brian L
Love how easily they went in and everything fit perfectly in my 2010 explorer. Dash now shows a check left/right high/low beams but the lights work flawlessly and are super bright letting me see everything while driving at night.
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I recently bought these lights to replace some halogen bulbs. With my halogens I would have to travel using my high beams just to see something. With these new LED bulb everything in front of me is lit up properly. The lights produce beams instead of scattering the light all around which is also good in not blinding incoming cars. Happy with these bulbs.
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Hank W
Top notch customer service!! A+++ Had an issue with one of the headlights ordered. Their customer service was quick to respond. Offered a possible fix. When the fix didn't work, they sent a replacement headlight out promptly. They also reached out to make sure all worked out well. I can't say enough about this company! Thanks again!
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Vicki H
Nice Products
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I was a little skeptical about them if they would fit my dodge ram 2016 in the housing but they did. and glad i bought them they work like they say Nice bright white color good beam pattern you will see a. whole lot better.and they are guaranteed.luv them
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Have made multiple purchases, every experience has been great. No issues with getting a replacement under warranty. Customer service has been awesome.
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Mark Stein