55 Watt Power Series Full Xenon HID Conversion Kit

Top Rated Complete HID Kit with Lifetime Warranty
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Headlight Experts Complete HID Kits feature the best quality parts in the industry. No cheap bulbs, ballasts or connectors. All sets are made to plug right in, for an easy and perfect installation in your specific vehicle. Do it right the first time with Headlight Experts.

We use the absolute best bulbs in the industry made with quartz glass to minimize UV output to help your headlights last longer. Every bulb is laser aligned in the factory to make sure it has the perfect, safest, and highest output beam pattern in the world. These bulbs are factory fit bulbs, meaning there are no modifications necessary to properly install this in your vehicle.

Our Headlight Experts ballasts are the industry standard for automotive lighting. Our systems will put out between 3400-4300 lumens of light output to each bulb depending on the chosen ballast. Your factory halogen puts out about 1200 lumens. No matter the ballast you choose, that brings it to over 3X the light output your factory halogens produce. Whether you choose the Standard Series or Power Series, all our ballasts will help you light up the road at night properly. Our AC digital ballasts have a high quality ASIC processing chip built in, monitoring light output and voltage in real-time to ensure the best possible light output. All ballasts are shock proof, and waterproof to ensure they will do as we say, last a lifetime!

All our parts have a lifetime warranty, and lifetime technical support. Make this the last set of HID's you will ever need to buy for your vehicle. Buy the best!

Included in each and every kit:

(2) European Technology Premium OEM Grade HID Bulbs.

(2) European Technology AC Digital Ballasts supply the cleanest and brightest power to your new HID bulbs.

(1) Premium Grade Plug and Play Harness included that allows you to easily install your new lights without cutting and splicing.

Lifetime Warranty on your full set of lights purchased through us.

FREE fully insured shipping to the United States and Canada is available on all our kits.

Available Options:

Our HID lights are available in 5 different bulb temperatures. This allows you to customize your set so you can stand out from the rest.

3000k - Golden Yellow

Many customers think this color is perfect for fog lights.

5000k - Brightest White

Closest to factory OEM HID light color.

6000k - Lightning Blue

Think factory 5000k with a tiny hint of blue.

8000k - Ice Blue

This is where the blue gets a little more obvious.

10000k - Deep Blue

This almost has a slight tint of purple added to the blue. Extreme tuner look.

Our HID light kits have 4 different ballast options.

  • Standard Series

  • 35 Watt AC Digital High Performance Ballasts with Slim Design
  • 3400 Lumens
  • AC Digital Technology lasts longer, and eliminates flickering
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size - 3.1" x 2.5"
    Weight - 5 oz
  • Standard Series Canbus

  • 35 Watt CANBUS AC Digital High Performance Ballasts with Slim Design
  • 3600 Lumens
  • AC Digital Technology and CANBUS built in ECM warning cancellation
  • HEAVY DUTY Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size - 3.3" x 2.5"
    Weight - 6.3 oz
  • Power Series

  • 55 Watt AC Digital High Performance Ballasts with Slim Design
  • 4000 Lumens
  • AC Digital Technology lasts longer, and eliminates flickering
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size - 3.75" x 2.5"
    Weight - 6.3 oz
  • Power Series Canbus

  • 55 Watt CANBUS AC Digital High Performance Ballasts with Slim Design
  • 4300 Lumens
  • AC Digital Technology and CANBUS built in ECM warning cancellation
  • HEAVY DUTY Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size - 4" x 3.25"
    Weight - 10.4 oz

Direct Wiring Power Relay Harness

The direct wiring power relay harness simply uses the car's headlight power as a trigger to power your new HID kit directly from the cars power source. This allows more voltage to be dedicated to your lights, and would 100% eliminate any potential flickering and in many cases allows them to perform the brightest and cleanest as possible.

Warning Canceller Capacitors

This is a set of the pictured in-line capacitors to be installed as a plug and play installation for your new HID kit. These eliminate the dashboard errors that can be caused by installing aftermarket lights in your vehicle. These dashboard errors such as "Check Low Beam" can be extremely aggravating to some. Adding these will guarantee no error lights and a more professional installation. Some of the vehicles manufacturers that would definitely require these would be Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Volvo.


- Light Output: 3400-4300 Lumens
- Nominal Voltage: Dual voltage ballast system for 12V/24V
- Bulb Voltage: 85 +/- 17 (V)
- Bulb Electric Power: 35 +/- 3 (W)
- Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ +95
- Storage Temperature Range: -40 ~ +105
- Operating Voltage Range: 9 ~ 32 V
- Inrush current (0-5msec): <4.5 (A) (Very low draw)
- Reverse Polarity Protection:YES
- Rated Lifetime: 2500-3000 hours (35w)
- HID Kits are available for all Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles
- Guaranteed Plug and Play Installation
- No flickering

What Clients Say

I have a 2017 F250 with the non-LED headlights and had a hard time finding lights that would project a solid pattern for better visibility. I'd just about given up when I decided to give Headlight Experts a try. Let me tell you, these lights are worth every penny. You really get what you pay for.
Profile image
I have put in replacement H4 led equivalent bulbs. I have carefully aligned the beams. These lights are awesome!!! I recommend everybody do this to their cars. I have ordered a second set of bulbs for my wife's car. Well worth the investment.
Profile image
Timothy Auble
Excellent High Quality bulbs. I had a problem with my 2016 Dodge Journey not liking LED Bulbs and called customer service who shipped me out a new PCM module for a replacement.
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Charles Henninger
I do a majority of my driving at night and these lights have made a big difference. They were easy to install and required no adjustment. The beam and focal point have not caused any "flashback" from oncoming drivers. I have switched all my vehicles to these lights and had no problems.
Profile image
These are plug & play for the 2019 Nissan Frontier P4X. They're brighter than the OEM bulb. Definitely worth buying/installing.
Profile image
After going for a ride in a friends truck, (who already bought from Headlight Experts) I was convinced to try a set of LED bulbs for myself. I have a 2007 Focus as a back up car and rarely drove at night because the lights were terrible. I just installed them and what an UNBELIEVABLE DIFFERENCE! Living in a rural area with a large dear population I won't think twice about running "the beater" at night anymore. Definitely well worth every penny, great communication, and fast shipping! Thank You
Profile image
David Minnich
Great customer service! Answered all my questions before I purchased my lights. Ordered on Friday and had the lights on Monday. I will use them again for my other 2 cars. I definitely recommend them!
Profile image
Replaced my old LED's with this set.... They are awesome! Brighter, no radio interference and no more getting high beam flashes from oncoming traffic!
Profile image
So far so good. Lights are nice and bright, look great. Been using for 5 months, hopefully they last.
Profile image
I purchased this led conversion kit 9007 for my 97 Ford f150 Thursday, received them today which is Saturday 2 days later took me roughly 45 minutes to install had to do some modifications to the dust cap didn't take long was very easy pop the headlights out put them back in they look great I will put another review as soon as it gets dark and I can see how they look at night so far so good seem to be a great product hope they last a lifetime
Profile image
Tony Thomas
I was a little skeptical about them if they would fit my dodge ram 2016 in the housing but they did. and glad i bought them they work like they say Nice bright white color good beam pattern you will see a. whole lot better.and they are guaranteed.luv them
Profile image
Install was super simple and it’s Plug and play just like any regular headlight they work great and I can see good at night would recommend.
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