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Single Beam Premium Power Relay Harness / Anti-Flicker

Works on All of our Top Rated Kits
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Headlight Experts is the premier source for top quality HID Lighting Kits. Our products are the best in the industry and we prove this by offering a lifetime warranty on all our products. All our kits contain top quality HID bulbs supported by AC ballasts. Beware of competitors trying to pass off DC kits at the same price as our AC kits.

DC stands for "Direct Current". This means that with a DC kit, electrical current is distributed unevenly on the electrical components as the current is going in a single direction. The initial portion of the electrode that comes in contact with the electrical current wears faster than the later portion of the electrode as the electrical current completes its circuit.

AC stands for "Alternating Current". This means the electrical current alternates between positive and negative current. This allows all the electrical components to wear evenly. This means lifespan of 3-4 times the lifespan of a DC setup. To some, most importantly it also eliminates flickering.

Installation of our kits are literally a plug and play install, as our products were made for your car specifically. No need to cut and splice wires. This means an easy installation, that in many instances takes less than 5 minutes to install. An easy to read installation manual that is included with your purchase will assist you in properly installing your new lighting set.

We offer lifetime tech support along with our lifetime warranty. This means any advice needed now, or down the road in regards to your lighting is covered by us. Given this information, this set is literally the last set of lights you will ever need to buy for your vehicle. All our units are tested prior to leaving our facility to ensure a problem free installation.

Included in each and every kit:

European Technology Premium OEM Grade HID Bulbs.

European Technology AC Digital Ballasts supply the cleanest and brightest power to your new HID bulbs.

Premium Grade Plug and Play Harness included that allows you to easily install your new lights without cutting and splicing.

Lifetime Warranty on your full set of lights purchased through us.

FREE fully insured shipping to the United States and Canada is available on all our kits.